Thursday, July 16, 2015

Arrival 7/13/15

It was a miracle!  All 15 missionaries arrived at the same time without delay.  They all came from the Provo MTC and flew out of Salt Lake International to Phoenix, Arizona and then to Santa Barbara.
Elder Hager
Elder Petersen
Elder DeGraw
Elder Plummer
Elder Levis
Elder Taufatofua
Elder Wilson
Elder Elliott
Elder Bronson
Elder Harvey
Elder Murry

Sister Carleton
Sister Jones
Sister Morales
Sister Lambert
Missionaries are from:  Wyoming, Kansas, Canada, Iowa, Ohio, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, two from Idaho and five from Utah
Two of the missionaries are waiting visas to Brazil.
The Floyds brought the truck and trailer for the luggage.
Elder and Sister McIntosh are now Brother and Sister McIntosh as they have been released from being CES missionaries.  They sold their home in Colorado and have moved back to Santa Barbara.  We were so happy to see them and be able to continue to use their service in picking up the food from the Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch Restaurant.

We didn't stay as long for lunch because UCSB was having freshman orientation and that included lunch at the park.
It is important to have "both feet in" and be anxiously engaged here as a missionary.  The missionaries are jumping in with both feet and saying "I'm committed!"

Many hands make light work.  This made the unloading of the luggage much easier than in transfers past.

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  1. Thanks for these beautiful pictures, they are precious to a moms heart.