Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Sisters Ashworth, Cox, Kemp, Woods, Platt, Collings, Heslop
Elders Trujillo, Wilson, NewMyer, Gerber, Davis, Hernandez
Having fun doing a littler service.  President was having an interview with Sister Ashworth.

While eating we played Mad Gab (New Testament style)

These shoes did not endure 18 months very well but Sister Woods and 
Sister Collings did.
The Elders stayed in member's homes for the night.  The Sisters stayed at the mission home.  We had too much fun talking in our pajamas.  The sisters asked if they had to go to bed by 10:30.  I told them no but I wasn't the president.  I went and asked President Felix and he said if they stay up, they'll have to go home. 
Just before boarding the bus for LAX.  The transport company told us they would send three vans because it was cheaper.  They called yesterday and said they were sending a bus.  Elder Stewart said OK if it's the same price.  The original quote of the bus was $300 more than 3 vans.

They look like they are ready for their new adventure.
Tonight I've been wondering what they are all doing.
We continue to go down in our numbers.  More missionaries are going home than coming.
Our numbers now are 185
English Elders -- 95
Spanish Elders -- 31
English Sisters -- 29
Spanish Sisters -- 30

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