Friday, November 21, 2014

Zone Conferences November 18 - 21

The spirit was very strong during zone conferences.  It is indescribable the feeling that was felt. For those who have served a mission and attended zone conference know what I mean. It was amazing.  We were grateful we had the opportunity to be apart of it. The missionaries came prepared regarding "How desires affect our attitude towards obedience."
 After the new missionaries bore their testimonies,  we listened to Come Take Your Place by Hilary Weeks. It was powerful.
 Sister Felix lead a discussion on how the missionaries felt after hearing the song. She then told the missionaries they were AWESOME and asked them to list positive words that describe missionaries. They were then challenged to choose and write down a couple of qualities to work on. 
 We handed out these cards that can fit in their missionary handbook.
After brief remarks from President Felix the Assistants introduced 5 new areas of focus that go along with the missionary purpose. 
We begin with the end in mind. (Faith)
We are consecrated servants of Jesus Christ (Repentance)
We strive to serve the Lord through our obedience (Baptism)
We are led by the spirit as we find and teach (Holy Ghost)
We desire the salvation of souls (Endure to the end)
 After lunch we did an EDPEP (Explain, Demonstrate, Practice, Evaluate,  and Practice again) on helping investigators with simple prayers. 

 This is how the chapel looked when the missionaries left to do the EDPEP.
President Felix trained on how our desires affect our attitude towards obedience. Good discussion regarding the letter of the law and the spirit of the law. If we obey out of duty and don't have both feet in--it will be hard and we won't get the blessings.  Obedience is easy if we love the Lord.
 When the missionaries arrive the cars are parked so that they can be inspected. 
 Sister Felix has been collecting clothes from the sisters.  After each zone conference the sisters were able to "shop"
The clothing not taken will go to Good Will.

At the conclusion of each day a new orientation book was handed out. 
Elder Parkinson designed the cover. 

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