Saturday, November 15, 2014

MLC/District Leaders

President and Sister Felix with Bro. Gonzalez from the proselyting division in the missionary department and 
Bro. Jarman who is the director of training at the MTC.
These men were amazing.  They arrived on Tuesday.
Bro. Jarman went out with the zone leaders in Ventura, 
Bro. Gonzalez went with the Assistants,  President went with the Spanish zone leaders,  and Sister Felix went out with the sister training leaders.  
Wednesday we met to share our experiences from the night before. We then planned for the leadership meeting on Thursday. 
Because of the opportunity to learn from these men, all district leaders were invited to join
Mission Leadership Council. 

 They taught us according to the survey that was given to the missionaries in August. 
We learned more about the doctrine of Christ, teaching more effectively and simplifying.
Members of the Church are so important in the hastening of the work.  Bro. Gonzalez and Bro. Jarman are fantastic teachers and we thoroughly enjoyed having them here. 
 The Miles are on the left and The Ruses are on the right.  These wonderful missionaries prepared and served us lunch.
 Zone Leaders
Elders Jackson, Hamson, Welker, Toa, Yager, Watts, Hall, Fairbourne, Teeples, Moser, Cavazos, Carter, Law, Miller, Moreno, James, Gerber, McKinley, Griffin, Parrish, Atkin, and Fisher
 District Leaders
Elders Trujillo, Spackman, Crapo, Jensen, NewMyer, Kanenwisher, Walker, Rasband, Fagen, Sorensen, Jones, Kleinman, Crandell, Eggelston, Hall, Forson, Robinson, Santos, Davidson, Willis, Driggs, Bawden, DeCosta, Wickern, Shields, and Bautista
 Sister Training Leaders
back row:  Snow, Faletau, White, Draney, Smith, Hegstrom
front row:  Arndt, Eastman, Shepherd, Kemp, Killpack, and Collings
Assistants to the President
Elders Wallace, Lee and Bryson

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