Tuesday, October 7, 2014

MLC 10/7/2014

We have fantastic leaders in the mission.  To thank the zone leaders and sister training leaders, we had breakfast for them at the mission home before going to the mission office for MLC.  It was a little sunny and a beautiful morning.
Sorry you can't see Elders Crandell and Law.

Sister Felix jumped in for a photo moment.
The focus today was on the importance of working with the members.  President Felix handed out a sheet of paper with nine dots.  He asked that all of the dots be connected with 4 straight lines without picking up the pen.  After a little time he gave a hint:  Think outside of the box.  Try it.  The solution is the last picture.  Don't peek until you've tried it.
This is a list of thinking out of the box for ideas that could be done to help hasten the work.
We did an EDPEP (Explain, Demonstrate, Practice, Evaluate, and Practice again.
President Felix talked about being a missionary at all times and in all places.  We were able to watch Elder Robbins' talk from General Conference, "Which way do you face?"
back row:  Lee, Jackson, James, Crandell, Welker, Carter, Watts, Bryson, Eggleston, Teeples, Epps, Schmidt, Snow, Halliday, Hiatt, Taylor, Hegstrom
front row:  Wallace, Atkin, Hall, Law, Toa, Fairbourne, McKinley, Parrish, Miller, Gerber, Fisher, Faletau, Arndt, White, Draney, Smith, Cox
Were you able to figure out how to connect the dots without lifting up your pen?

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