Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Meet the Mormons

President has been doing interviews for 3 weeks now.  It takes 11 days for him to see everyone.  One of the sisters newer in the mission said she has to pray while walking around the room so she won't fall asleep.  We loved it.  She is working hard.
During lunch all of the zone comes and brings a lunch.  We watch Meet the Mormons while having lunch.  We furnished chips and salsa.  We have Thursday and Friday left to have interviews with the Ventura zones and see the movie.  The DVD has to be returned to the Church on Saturday.  It's so neat that we decided it would work to show the movie during lunch at interviews.  They were scheduled September 30 to October 17.  We were told we could keep the DVD until October 18.  What perfect timing.
The missionaries love the movie!
We hope family, friends, and contacts will see it.


  1. You are great mission parents! Timing isn't always chance, but perhaps a bit of divine intervention. :-)

  2. We took our family to see the movie too. We loved it!! It was only in our small town for 2 nights and I think mostly members went to see it. But I have had some interest in from non-members in the DVD if/when it comes out. I encouraged my daughter's dentist, who hasn't been active for many years to go see it. I think he will. It was so inspirational! Thank you for sharing it with my missionary.