Thursday, March 31, 2016

New Arrivals 3/29/16

Elder Nielson
Elder Atkinson
Elder Shaw
Hermana Hirst
Hermana Torrico
Sister Hardy
The six missionaries arrived just after 3:30.  We had a very tight schedule.

Because it was so breezy we chose to eat inside at the Santa Barbara Stake Center.  Elder & Sister Clark picked the food up for us from the Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch.
Our goal was to be on the road at 5:00 and we were.  The plan was to be at the mission office for a 6:15 meeting with the new missionaries and their trainers.  This is where they would meet each other for the first time.  Because of the time crunch we did not do an orientation or training.  They left and went to their areas.  Two days later we got together again at the mission office. 
Here are the companionships:
Sister Hardy and Sister King
Elder Atkinson and Elder Hales
Elder Haines and Elder Shaw
Elder Gregory and Elder Nielson
Hermana Hirst and Hermana Wright
Hermana Torrico and Hermana Green
After our meeting we drove to the mission home for a treat - oreo ice cream with hot fudge, cool whip and oreo crust.  The missionaries are curious as to where and what the mission home looks like.  That is why we went there.  We then drove to the Cross for the experience of having both feet in and being committed.  Here they are jumping off the step and shouting "I'm committed!"

Elder Haines and Elder Gregory are trainers now but they never went to the Cross as their group arrived in the mission very late when they came.  They are committed but they wanted the experience of jumping.

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