Saturday, February 21, 2015

Zone Conferences in February

The past four days have been wonderful. We love being around the missionaries. We thought you may be interested in knowing what occurred at the conferences.  The missionaries came prepared after studying The Living Christ. 
All cars are inspected by the senior couples. Awards were handed out to the companionship with the cleanest car: Elder Anderson and Elder Haines,  Elder NewMyer and Elder Comin,  Hermana Player and Hermana Cuevas, and Elder Slaugh and Elder Hull.
The morning began with President Felix announcing "Ipads are here! " (If you look at the next post you will see what one looks like.) He reviewed some items to help the missionaries understand the principle so they would have the desire to be obedient,  such as music, keeping apartments clean, gossip (not acceptable), not talking about their"dirty linen, " weekly planning session,  and temple attendance policy. 
Sister Felix did a training on etiquette.  Social behavior and table manners were discussed.  The missionaries were invited to do an EDPEP  (Explain, Demonstrate, Practice, Evaluate, Practice again) at lunch. 
The Assistants introduced the new Christlike attribute--faith. The scripture is Ether 12:18.
The different stakes are asked to prepare lunch.  We are so grateful for their time and effort in doing this. After lunch we sing Called to Serve to the sisters who helped. As many of the sisters will get tears in their eyes, I have to look away as it is contagious. 
The afternoon session began with President Felix training--We Invite, They Commit, We Follow up. The door to faith and repentance will come about by helping others make commitments. 
-Extend direct commitments
-Promise blessings
-Bear testimony
-Follow up
We did an EDPEP regarding following up. We know there will be more follow up!
In studying The Living Christ the missionaries were asked to prepare a 3 minute talk.  Two are called up to share their remarks with us. There was a beautiful musical number presented after the talks.
We saw and heard testimonies of apostles and prophets both past and present of The Living Christ. At the conclusion prior to us singing I Believe in Christ,  we listened to each missionary share their feelings from what transpired during the day. Such a blessing to be there. 
The Elders had a tie exchange when conference was over.  Some zones got into it more than others.  It was quite entertaining. 
Enjoy pictures of your missionaries on the next posts. 


  1. Yes!!! Thank you so much for doing this!!!! Some of us don't get very many pictures sent home. It is so kind of you to take your time to post these pictures and to let us know what goes on. Thank you from a very appreciative mom.

  2. Thank you for your hard work and the wonderful pictures of our missionaries, I love that Elder Soubie smiles more now than he ever has. Thank you very much!